By Jenni Hayman So here I am in week 9 of 9x9x25 backtracking to week 7 for many reasons, not least that 3 weeks can flip by in my life like 5 minutes. It happens all the time, but I’m not going to let it hold me back from finishing projects like this 9x9x25 one. […]

By Ian Craine – When I get together with ID’s over beverages, the conversation inevitably turns towards sharing “war stories” about working with SME’s and senior academic administration. Invariably, the core issue is that no one really knows what our job fully entails and almost everyone thinks our job can be done in 10 minutes […]

By Sarah Wendorf Imagine you could take content from your textbook and transform it into a whole new personalized, customized online learning experience for your students. With an Open textbook, you can do that! Here’s how Carol and I worked together to transform a unit from her Open textbook into a series of modules. Carol […]

By Nada Savicevic This is the sixth post of the IDIGOntario #9x9x25 Challenge! When I was a kid, I loved to do dot-to-dot puzzle activities. I would try to imagine what a hidden picture would reveal before starting with the first dot. A moment of revelation, when the mystery picture started emerging from the dots, […]

By Jon Kruithof Am I an instructional designer? I work in educational technology, talk to people about using tools and help people design better learning, but does that make me an instructional designer? Educational technology is a place that can often drive pedagogical change, and it’s strange how often it goes unacknowledged as an accomplice […]

By Maureen Glynn I participated last week in the Introduction to Digital Pedagogy with Sean Michael Morris @slamteacher and Jesse Stommel @jessifer, sponsored by @eCampusOntario and @RyersonU – Office of eLearning. The all-too-brief workshop, along with my review of preparatory materials, represented some of the most impactful hours of professional development that I’ve experienced so […]

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By Mariam Ahmed This is the third post of the IDIGOntario #9x9x25 Challenge! As instructional designers, an important part of our role is to provide professional development to faculty and instructors (though how it can be received varies). This faculty development can take many forms, e.g., it can be one-on-one or in a group; it […]

By Terry Greene This is IDIGOntario‘s 2nd post of the #9x9x25 Challenge When I signed up to be on the IDIG team I very vaguely said I would like to write something about the “Front End Analysis” phase of Instructional Design. Also known as the “What are we doing and why” part. If you do […]

By Joanne Kehoe For this first post in the IDIG team entry in the Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge, I decided to post a random-order, grammatically-incorrect-but-trying-to-keep-it-to-one-run-on-sentence-each “25” cents worth of tips that have served me well in my work as an instructional designer. I noticed many of these align with attributes of Ontario Extend’s Empowered Educator, […]

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By Joanne Kehoe What do you get when you throw a bunch of instructional-designed minded people into a room? Equal parts sharing, openness, action – and nibbling on IDIG cookies iced and baked by highly-valued member Peg French. IDIG held their first face-to-face meeting back on March 22nd (yes this blog post is long overdue) […]