IDIG is about Networking and Collaboration first and foremost, but it’s also about Professional Development.

Here are the ways we will connect, share ideas, build each others skills and resources on an ongoing basis. Here’s what we’re starting out with – and it’s open to change as we (that’s we – all of us – together!) decide what is working, what isn’t and what else we could do to make this the best ID group around! Well…it is the only one around, so we’re good.Slack icon


Don’t you just love it when websites tell you to ‘click and join?’ Well – this is different because we’re talking about some serious benefits to joining the IDIG Slack Workspace. If you’re a Slack-a-holic (not in the slacking off sense!) you understand just how much Slack can reduce your emails and increase your rate of collaboration. If you’re new and/or unsure about adding another communication tool, jump in for a pilot test. To get the full benefits of Slack, we recommend you download the desktop application so you can keep track of notifications that way (instead of having them come to your email or you having to go and check, which as we know = discussion ghost town). Keep in mind that you need to sign up using an email address from an Ontario post-secondary institution.


You likely saw our blog as you it is our home page. And our working group members will author the first couple of posts. However, we want our members(and beyond!) to author future posts – around an idea, an approach, a conversation, a response to research, a cry for help or perhaps just a reflection –anything other IDs would enjoy reading. It doesn’t need to be long nor pithy (although it would be a pithy if you didn’t consider it). So if you are feeling super excited already want to sign up right now – go to our Google sign-up form.


At least once per season (and as demand indicates) we issue a newsletter for our members. If you have signed up as a member, you will receive it. Previous editions can be found:

Webinar Series

Our ID webinar series – titled “ID Tools and Tactics” – will be held sporadically throughout the year. If you’re keen on presenting, please let us know. What better interlude than a lunch-time webinar to listen/watch/discuss to as you’re munching away? Seriously, we plan on featuring presentations from IDs and guest experts, educational technology demos, and other tips around ID-related topics. For updates and links, check out our IDIG “Goings-On” page, or Twitter feed for the most up to date news.

Getting Together!

We were lucky to have funding from eCampusOntario to support our first in-person networking event in March 2018. We hope to offer this event annually, and may even plan a regional/conference-related huddle as opportunities arise.  You can keep on top of these through our Slack Workspace, our “Goings-On” page or, as always, on Twitter!