Barrel of monkeys linkedAn ID-eal Group

Instructional Designers are a motley crew (and we’re not talking about the band!). Recently a report authored by Intentional Futures and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, impressively-titled “The State of Instructional Design,” illustrated the diverse backgrounds, practices and people that are typically found working in instructional design. Those involved in ID work are charged with to-do’s ranging from designing and developing new curriculum, project management, multimedia production, technical support, providing a shoulder to cry on – the list is varied and seemingly endless.

This group was developed to give those of us involved in ID work a support system. We want IDIG to be a community where you can germinate ideas and find help in developing your skills and knowledge. We want IDIG to be shaped by its members interest – and not shaped by a top-down philosophy. It’s about building relationships, sharing concerns and carving out a space where you can yell ‘Help!” and actually get some.

Of course that doesn’t just magically happen. There has to be some effort and commitment on everyone as members to check in and ask for and offer that help. And we know – it’s another demand for room on your already full plate of tasks. Any healthy and active relationships require that – and we in turn will commit to providing an engaging and dynamic place to spend your time.

What IDIG will give you:

  • Chance to be part of a supportive group
  • Innovation that helps IDs to keep pace and get ahead in their jobs (real impact points)
  • Positive and creative energy that is fun and motivates IDs to persevere in a job that can feel behind the scenes and thankless at times

How that will happen:

  • Slack channel for communicating with members
  • Blog posts by members
  • Podcasts geared toward and about members and innovations
  • Webinars based on member interest
  • An annual face-to-face event for members
  • And more – we are not locked into any one form of professional development. If you have an idea, we want IDIG to be led by our collaborative!